EWAC Statement on Recent GERD/Nile Developments – Press Release Aug 2022

GERD/Nile International Symposium for Equitable and Sustainable Use

Session I – Oct 16 & 17 —— Session II – Oct 23 & 30, 2021

Ethiopian Waters Advisory Council (EWAC) in collaboration with GERD Consortium and GERD Alliance groups is announcing a global Symposium.

Event Highlights

• To present Ethiopian Scholar’s perspective of the hydropolitical and technical imperatives of the Nile/GERD issues.
• To generate a menu of themes, ideas, and programs for future work.
• To present a scientific and professional path for sustainable and equitable development of the GERD/Nile cooperatively.

For Whom?

For Policy Makers

Those who frame the plan pursued by the Government that enacts the laws and provides the guidance. 

For Research, Water & Engineering Professionals

Whether you’re entry-level or a seasoned professional, you’ll benefit from the comprehensive schedule of sessions, case studies and presentations.

For The Ethiopian people and civil Society

The Nile Symposium covers every facet of Nile Basin issues in one three-day event.

Session 1 – Day 1 – Sat, Oct 16

Keynote Speaker:-HE. Dr-Ing Seleshi Bekele, Minister – Chief Negotiator and Advisor on Transboundary Rivers and GERD, Office of the Prime Minister, Ethiopia.

Ethiopia’s Water Resources as Pillar of Development: Vision and roadmap,  (30 minutes)

Ethiopia Cannot Negotiate on its Lifeline: His Excellency——

Session1 – Day 2, Sun, OCT 17

Keynote: Landscape Management to Ensure Sustainable Utilization of the GERD, Dr. Gete Zeleke,
Director, Water and Land Research Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (30 minutes)


Why this symposium now, Dr. Aklog Birara,
EWAC chairman, (10 minutes)

Speakers – Oct 23

Keynote Speaker–H. E. Ambassador Taye Atske Selassie, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to the UN,
Changing the narrative and mindsets at the United Nations—How Ethiopia made the
GERD impasse an African matter (30 minutes)

Why this symposium now, Dr. Aklog Birara,
EWAC chairman, (10 minutes)

Symposium III Speakers – OCT 30

From conception to sustained implementation: Resource mobilization in action

Keynote: Professor Mekuria Mekasha, Chairman, Media, Addis Ababa University,
Ethiopia, “Critical Media Discourse Analysis on the GERD” (30 minutes).


Why this symposium & EWAC, Dr. Aklog Birarra,
EWAC Chairman, (10 minutes)

Dr. Alem Gebriel – Moderator

        Kone Feseha – Master of the Ceremony

Roundtable Interactive Panel Discussion A– consisting of six panelists (an hour)New York, Arizona, California, Toronto,  Colorado  & Tennessee GERD Support Groups.
Roundtable Interactive Panel Discussion B– consisting of six panelists (an hour)AEPAC, Atlanta, North Carolina, Houston, Dallas,  & EWAC.

Mr. Samuel Habte, Moderator Session II, EWAC General Secretary, (10 minutes)

GERD/Nile International Symposium Coordinating Committee
GERD/Nile International Symposium Editorial Committee